A helmet’s got to stay on to provide protection and the weakest point of all sports helmets is the strap attachment. There had to be a better way and now there is.”


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NogginLOC is a helmet restraint system designed to keep the chin strap attached securely to any type of helmet in order to help prevent head injuries. 

NogginLOC is much more secure than standard fasteners but can also be operated by small children.

NogginLOC has a fixed high mount and a removable low mount.

NogginLOC was lab tested by The Andrews Research and Education Foundation.

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FaceLOC will allow athletic trainers or medical personnel to quickly remove the face mask allowing quick access to the face, neck or airway in the event of an emergency.  This system can be easily installed on any helmet that uses a face mask, new or used!

FaceLOC requires no tools and allows the trainer or other medical personnel to take off the face mask with minimal movement of the player.

FaceLOC is being field tested by D1 schools and has been lab tested by The Andrews Research and Education Foundation.